PlaceWhisper 2.3 released

We're pleased to note that PlaceWhisper 2.3 was release to the app store recently. A small update to our favour located content creation tool, but it has a couple of changes in it we thought we should discuss.


For those of you who subscribe to PlaceWhisper Pro, then the biggest change is the ability to create and use collections. Before this release you had two options when creating Whispers - placing them on their own, or forming a trail of ordered Whispers. But there was a glaring need - how do you group a set of Whispers that have no particular ordering to them? For example, what if you wanted to group Whispers showing your favourite coffee shops? A trail isn't appropriate here (unless you're doing the caffeinated equivalent of a pub crawl...), but it'd be nice to pick them out from the crowd somehow.

The solution to this are Collections, where you can group Whispers together under a single heading. Not only does this make sense logically, but PlaceWhisper will let people filter the map view based on collection. This means if you're just interested in trying to find a particular set of things, say those hypothetical coffee shops, then you tell PlaceWhisper just to show you the items in that Collection.

Collections also play a big part on extending PlaceWhisper on the web. If you log into the PlaceWhisper website. You can enable embedding of your Collections, at which point you'll be able to embed a stylish map in your blog or website showing all the points for that collection, making PlaceWhisper not only a great way to share location information to mobile users, but also on the web.

This is an major enhancement for PlaceWhisper, and we're looking forward to seeing how you use it.



In previous releases of PlaceWhisper we offered an in-app subscription to the PlaceWhisper Pro service. With PlaceWhisper Pro you get access to a bunch of new features, such as creating unlimited public content, and now collections and embedded maps on the web. Unfortunately for us, Apple no longer allow services to use the auto-renewing subscription feature of the iTunes store, only magazines and newspapers, which meant we had to stop using this.

So as a result, rather than being able to get PlaceWhisper Pro on a one or twelve month auto-renewing basis, you can now buy three, six, or twelve month non-renewing access to PlaceWhisper Pro, priced at £2.49, £3.99, and £6.99 respectively. For that you get to create unlimited numbers of Whispers, Trails, and Collections; create public Whispers that any PlaceWhisper user can discover, and create embeddable Collection maps that you can share via the web.

All the rest

In addition to those major changes, PlaceWhisper 2.3 contains a host of user interfaces updates and tweaks, particularly to the map view, and optimises network usage (not that it used much before, but every byte counts!).

We're pleased with PlaceWhisper 2.3, and how it brings along the vision of what we want location software to look like in the future! Go download it now and let us know what you think!