Tate Trumps Anywhere

We're delighted to see another app we worked on last year has just launched: the new version of Tate Trumps by Hide & Seek and Tate Modern, Tate Trumps Anywhere.


The original Tate Trumps (which predates not only Digital Flapjack's involvement, but also Digital Flapjack!) was a game that you played whilst in the Tate Modern gallery, letting you pit artworks against one another using a fun card game mechanic. However, when you left Tate Modern, the game no longer worked, as you needed to key in the codes on the wall in the gallery to collect artworks.

In this new version, which we were honoured to be asked to work on, having been fans of the original, we've added the app's own artwork gallery, giving you a random selection of art from Tate's permanent collection each time you play, meaning you can play the game anywhere you like.

So if you fancy a game that's both fun to play and will let you explore a bit of Tate's collection, then over to the app store and get Tate Trumps.