Watch The Water

I'm really excited to announce there will be a bit of Digital Flapjack at the Edinburgh Art Festival this year, in the form of Watch The Water, an ambient audio work contemplating the gothic soul of the streets.

Watch The Water is a collaboration under the banner of Coney between Sophie Sampson, Annette Mees, Richard Hammarton, and ourselves, commissioned by Trigger allowing people to explore the creepier side of Edinburgh's past in and around the galleries of the Edinburgh Art Festival, and launches on the 20th August.

As an ex-resident of Edinburgh I'm hugely excited to have worked on something for the Edinburgh Festival - not something I could have dreamed of back then when I was mostly doing low-level circuit hacking. I've been very fortunate to work with Sophie once again and the rest of the Coney crew on this - the audio work is really amazing, I'm looking forward to hearing what you all thing of the experience! On of the aims when starting out in Digital Flapjack was to find projects that were in fields I'd not normally work on, and this has been a great example of that in action.

Similar to Time*Trails, the history game we ran on the South Bank earlier in the month which was also a collaboration between Sophie and me, Watch The Water is build on the new PlaceWhisper 2.0 platform, of which you'll be hearing a lot more in the coming months. But for now, if you're in Edinburgh for the festival (or indeed afterwards) then give Watch The Water a listen and let it guide you around the city, if you've looking for a platform on which to build your own location based app, then do drop us a line!