PlaceWhisper - more than a mobile app

lthough PlaceWhisper is first and foremost a mobile application designed to help you enrich and explore the world around you, there are some times you want to just see things on a bigger screen. To that end, PlaceWhisper the app has a sibling website over at, where you can quickly see the things you've created and collected on the web.


The website lets you log in with the account details you entered in the mobile app, and from there gives you access to your content on the web. From within the website you can find a map view where you can find all your Whispers and Trails. You can access the text, images and audio on a particular Whisper, see when they were created, and how many times they've been discovered. As good as mobile map interfaces are, at times it's just quicker and easier to explore large amounts of data on a bigger screen, and that's what the PlaceWhisper website is there for.

If you'd like to display the Whispers and Trails you've created on a bigger map, then how about using the excellent Google Earth? From the PlaceWhisper website you can export all the content you've created into a KMZ file that can be loaded into Google Earth, which will preserve all your content, including images and audio, and trail paths.

You can also use the website to manage your contacts in PlaceWhisper, searching for people, seeing what they've created and collected of yours. You can also edit your own details and change your password.

So, although PlaceWhisper is primarily a mobile app, the website is there to help make it easier to access your PlaceWhisper content when away from the phone. And we're continuing to expand on the contents of the PlaceWhisper website all the time,  trying to make it ever more useful for you Whisperers out there, so keep an eye out for updates here on the blog about future updates.