Tickets made faster (in many ways)

It's been barely a week since the last update to Tickets, our iPad client for the Lighthouse issue tracking system, was released, and now here's another update already. Oh my!

The latest update, which goes under the catchy monicker of 1.0.2, is mostly a performance increase over the previous release; we put in a bunch of effort to optimise the processing of data as it comes in from the Lighthouse web server. In addition, we discovered a couple of visual elements which weren't as we meant them under iOS 5, and those are fixed in this release also.


The design of Tickets is that it should be usable whilst it's processing updates it's downloaded from Lighthouse - we don't want to stop you working whilst you wait for things to be downloaded and processed if you don't depend on those particular updates - so all the update processing is done in the background. However, if you had really big projects, then it'd start getting a little sluggish as things were processed in the background. In this update we've improved the data processing side of things, so Tickets is now much more responsive whilst that background processing is going on.

It was a bit of a pleasent surprise that this release came out so quickly after the last update. Typically it takes a week from submitting an update to the app store for it to pass through review and be released. Tickets 1.0.2 sailed under a lucky star, and made it through in half a day! Our many thanks to the superstar reviewer who shepparded Tickets on this release.

All of which is wonderful news, as the performance increases really make this a useful update, and we're delighted we can get it to users sooner than we anticipated. So head over to the app store and snag the update if you're already using Tickets, and if not, then why not treat yourself to one of the nicest/easiest/most beautiful way to keep track of your projects on your iPad by downloading Tickets today?