PlaceWhisper 2.1

We're happy to announce the PlaceWhisper 2.1 update is live in the app store, which fixes a bunch of issues for iOS 5, and incorporates a bunch of user interface improvements based on feedback from users, trying to make it easier to explore the world around you.

First up, we've changed the behaviour of the "centre on me" button, in the top right of the map. Before, if you tapped this button, the map would move to your location and a fixed zoom factor, but this meant if there were things intersting nearby they might be off your map.

In PlaceWhisper 2.1 tapping this now tries to position the map so that it shows you and any whispers that are within a kilometer or so. So if you want to find out if there's any collectable whispers nearby, or even ones you collected or created, then hitting center on me will quickly let you find out.


Secondly, we've tweaked the filter list to show you more details about what's in your local area. Now, for the "Everything" option and any collections, it tells you how many items are nearby, so you should immediately know if you're in a Whisper rich environment or not (and if not, perhaps it's your opportunity to correct that!).

If any trails pass nearby your current location, the list tells you how far it is to the next Whisper for you to collect on the trail and in what direction you should head to find that Whisper. Even if you're not close enough to see any of the points in your local map, you'll be aware of where you need to head to find the start.


he final user focussed update is somethat that was in PlaceWhisper 1.0, but didn't make the cut in time for our 2.0 release, but we're pleased to reintroduce - when new users sign up for PlaceWhisper, the hyperintelligent PlaceWhisper server will drop a Whisper just for you near your current location, so new users always can find their first Whisper nearby, and the contents of that Whisper will tell you where to go to find your next one!

We're really grateful to all the feedback and encouragement we've received since PlaceWhisper 2.0 launched, and  here we managed to address some of the things people have asked for, and we'll be looking to keep tailoring the PlaceWhisper experience as feedback comes in, so if you have any thoughts, let us know by writing on our wall at Facebook, @ us on Twitter, or just drop us a line by email.