As is often the case, we have no releases for ages, and then two come out at once! We're pleased to announce Tickets, an iPad client for the excellent issue tracking webservice Lighthouse.


Tickets is a simple application that lets you keep track of and manage your project ticket list in Lighthouse from your iPad. Although you can use Lighthouse in the iPad's built in web browser, Tickets provides a more natural way to work, and by providing just a focussed subset of Lighthouse's many features, lets you concentrate on the things that matter day to day when delivering a project: being alerted to when tickets are updated, and letting you create and update tickets quickly.

You can:

  • View all the tickets for all your projects.
  • Filter ticket lists based on milestone, creator, assignee, and current state.
  • Create new tickets, and update existing ones.
  • View ticket attachments and web links in the app.
  • Use Tickets offline so you can review where things are up to even when you're away from the internet

We wrote Tickets to fill a need we found in our project management flow - and we hope that it'll fit into your development flow too, making it easier for you to keep on top of what's happening in your projects. Head over the the app store now and give it a go.