Who is Digital Flapjack?


Michael Dales, Founder

Digital Flapjack Ltd is a way for me both work on my own ideas in the space of software and digital engineering, and to work with others with a similar vision. Over the many years of working at Digital Flapjack I've had the pleasure of working on some great projects with a very diverse set of clients: from mobile based cultural projects that ran at the Edinburgh Festival and games for Tate Modern, all the way through to low level security software for the Macintosh platform and hardware design, and pretty much everywhere between.

I'm passionate about tackling projects with the end users in mind, which as a external contract means not just the end users of the project, but also the people who will need to ensure the software I deliver continues to run after the project is ended. This means I care a lot about working with UX and getting the right requirements captured to ensure we build the right thing for the end user, and I care a lot about ensuring the software I deliver is properly supported with test suites and documentation to ensure that the software can continue to thrive for many years.

Outside of Digital Flapjack Ltd I've had a fun career in the technology space, founding and running the Mac product team at Bromium for four years, and running it's manageability team for a while too, running the original tech team at Camvine to deliver one of the first cloud based digital signage solutions, and I've worked in both industrial research at Intel and academic research at Cambridge University's Computer Laboratory.

I also build custom electric guitars, which you can read more about at Electric Flapjack.

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